An uneasy dream of the external pressures of our world. Featuring M. Salem. Written/Directed/Shot/Edited by Charles Pieper.

A dream of things found and things lost. Writer, Director, & Sound Design by Charles Pieper. Director of Photography, Editor, FX Artist, & Sound Design by Jordan Chesney.

While being assaulted by his mind and his environment a man finds a very important book. Starring Ian Abramson. Shot/Directed/Edited by Charles Pieper.

An afternoon spent with a young man, his invisible dog, and his girlfriend.

Written/Directed by: Charles Pieper Featuring: Elisha Yaffe, Marie Bollinger, Charlie Pecoraro. 

Written/Directed/Edited by Charles Pieper. Featuring Elisha Yaffe and Kurt Kroeber.

A short film improvised over the course of several road trips and an overnight campout in Arizona. Starring Thom Plasse. Shot/Directed/Edited by Charles Pieper. (Music taken/manipulated from Carmen Dragon's original score to 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers')